Home Staging = Styling a Property to Sell

In order for a property (whether vacant or occupied) to stand out from the competition, it must have the wow factor that buyers are looking for. This marketing edge is particularly relevant in the overcrowded and difficult property market that we are currently experiencing in South Africa which is not expected to turn around any time soon.

One of the main reasons properties fail to sell timeously at close to the asking price is poor presentation. Staging is about showing a property at its absolute best to appeal to the largest number of potential buyers. While staging will not increase the value of a property, it will result in a quicker sale at a better price and will prevent the seller from having to discount the price when the property languishes on the market unsold. Staging a property before it is listed is therefore a sound business decision and eliminates the risk of not making that vital first impression on any potential buyer.

The reasonable cost of staging will be much less than what would otherwise be lost in price reductions if a property is not at its move-in ready, sparkling best. Staged properties attract more potential buyers and the property usually sells faster and for more money than it would if it had not been staged. The costs of staging are also deductable from Capital Gains Tax.

Staging is not decorating which is styling a home according to the personal taste of the people living in it. Staging is dressing a property with the emphasis on a universal style to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. Decorating personalises a home while staging depersonalises a property.

What We Do

Home Staging Studio takes a step by step approach to staging a property for sale. The staging process starts with the seller emotionally detaching and turning a home back into a house – an important asset that must be sold for the highest possible price. The stager focuses on preparing the property to sell by transforming it into a welcoming and attractive product.

Detachment is followed by de-cluttering and de-personalising which includes repairing, replacing, and cleaning. Finally, the property is styled to show off its best selling features.

The stager while taking into account the seller’s budget, timing and deadlines, will:

  • suggest updates and improvements to ensure that a property appeals to the highest number of buyers
  • style each room to capture the buyer’s interest in accordance with current trends but without being too trendy
  • edit and position existing furniture, lighting, artwork, and accessories
  • recommend neutral colour schemes
  • suggest contractors for repairs
  • provide rental furniture and accessories for a vacant property or to supplement a seller’s own
  • create visual flow and a feeling of spaciousness and balance so that a buyer connects with the property on every level and makes an offer

Buyers fall in love with a property because they imagine themselves living there and are seduced by the lifestyle that it represents. By ensuring that a property is move-in ready, the seller grabs the buyer’s attention from the front door. Buyers also have peace of mind knowing that all repairs and updating have already been done and they do not need to invest any more money in the property.

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